Collaborative curation with

Screenshot - A list.
Screenshot – A list.

‘’ is a simple, yet potentially very powerful service for crowdcurating ranked lists.

You could share material in many other ways as well, for instance in a shared Google Doc, but allows a group of people to vote list items up or down  + it is a bit more visually appealing.

Teachers could collect anthologies of texts or links to websites for different courses:

1) Upload a (copyright expired) text to your public Dropbox-folder

2) Add the public link to your text to a list of texts for instance for teaching  ‘Romanticism’ (Danish)

I have created different lists for different purposes here (some in Danish)

To start your own list, simply create an account, make a list, and share it.

Students could crowdcurate lists of material, when they work on different projects.

There is an extension for Chrome, so that you can add links to a list from your browser. Neat 🙂

Do you use in your teaching? How ? If not, what tools do you use for curation and sharing resources in your faculty? Please share in the comments.


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